• This section is woefully out of date. I will remedy it at some point in the not so distant future.

  • Imaginary Menagerie

    "Allegory of the Monceros" will be in the Imaginary Menagerie show at the Palo Alto Art Center from January 23rd - April 26, 2009

  • Village Voice review 'Best in Show'

    The Village Voice wrote a very nice review of our Future Darwinist show. Nice enough to show my mom.

  • Art and Absinthe (December 2008)

  • Joanne Mattera Blog (December 2008)

  • Art Info (December 2008)

  • Beautiful Decay (October 2008)

    Beautiful Decay wrote a nice review of Laurel Roth and my show at Schroeder Romero.

  • Cartel Agency Blog (October 2008)

    The Cartel Agency wrote about the Museum of Arts and Design and highlighted our piece.

  • "Trinity" documentary

    The Museum of Art and Design commissioned a making of "Trinity" documentary for their inaugural exhibition in their new building. Richard Rethemeyer did a great job of capturing the process of making one of the chandelier sculptures.

  • 7 x 7 magazine article about Compound 21

    7 x 7 magazine wrote an expose on our studios

  • Art Muse on Ask Melissa

    The Art Muse wrote a nice review of our work at the Museum of Art and Design in New York

  • San Francisco Chronicle (September 24th, 2008)

    by Zahid Sardar San Francisco Chronicle

  • San Francisco Examiner (August 2008)

    Marisa Nakasone for San Francisco Examiner

  • Modern Art Obsession review (August 2008)

  • American Craft Magazine (August/September 2008)

    Shonquis Moreno highlighted "trinity in "Making the New MADhouse" in
    |http://www.americancraftmag.org/article.php?id=5060|American Craft Magazine|August/September 2008|

  • SF Weekly (July 2008)

    Hiya Swanhuyser review for SF Weekly.

  • Art Daily (April 2008)

    Art Daily highlighted "trinity" in their article "Second Lives: Remixing The Ordinary To Inaugurate Museum of Arts & Design's New Home."

  • Artnet (March 2008)

    Walter Robinson highlighted "trinity" as part of his review of the Museum of Art and Design on Artnet