This section is woefully out of date. I will remedy it at some point in the not so distant future.
Imaginary Menagerie
"Allegory of the Monceros" will be in the Imaginary Menagerie show at the Palo Alto Art Center from January 23rd - April 26, 2009
Village Voice review 'Best in Show'
The Village Voice wrote a very nice review of our Future Darwinist show. Nice enough to show my mom.
Art and Absinthe (December 2008)
Joanne Mattera Blog (December 2008)
Art Info (December 2008)
Beautiful Decay (October 2008)
Beautiful Decay wrote a nice review of Laurel Roth and my show at Schroeder Romero.
Cartel Agency Blog (October 2008)
The Cartel Agency wrote about the Museum of Arts and Design and highlighted our piece.
"Trinity" documentary

The Museum of Art and Design commissioned a making of "Trinity" documentary for their inaugural exhibition in their new building. Richard Rethemeyer did a great job of capturing the process of making one of the chandelier sculptures.
7 x 7 magazine article about Compound 21
7 x 7 magazine wrote an expose on our studios
Art Muse on Ask Melissa
The Art Muse wrote a nice review of our work at the Museum of Art and Design in New York
San Francisco Chronicle (September 24th, 2008)
by Zahid Sardar San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Examiner (August 2008)
Marisa Nakasone for San Francisco Examiner
Modern Art Obsession review (August 2008)
American Craft Magazine (August/September 2008)
Shonquis Moreno highlighted "trinity in "Making the New MADhouse" in
||American Craft Magazine|August/September 2008|

SF Weekly (July 2008)
Hiya Swanhuyser review for SF Weekly.
Art Daily (April 2008)
Art Daily highlighted "trinity" in their article "Second Lives: Remixing The Ordinary To Inaugurate Museum of Arts & Design's New Home."
Artnet (March 2008)
Walter Robinson highlighted "trinity" as part of his review of the Museum of Art and Design on Artnet